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Financing Your Legal Matters

Investing your income towards legal services is an important decision for any litigant.  Whether your prospective action is civil or criminal in nature, your contribution toward its preparation and presentation can make the difference between success and failure.  Professional services require both a careful and considerable financial commitment on your part.  

At THE LAW OFFICE OF RAMON MCGEE, we offer several methods to help in paying your legal retainer and ensuring the best, most professional presentation of your legal matters.   


The first and best option is to pay your retainer in full and in advance.   This ensures the availability of funds necessary to present your case before a court or tribunal in the manner it deserves.

You may also make periodic, regular payments of sizable retainers.   This option is reserved for major felony actions and civil matters projected to extend for twelve (12) months or more.   


Using either option, you may pay in cash (this includes certified checks and money orders,) and with credit and debit cards. 


Please not that all retainer payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Contact this office with questions about financial arrangements for your retainer.  

Click the Button Above to Pay Your Fee for Legal Services.  

Its Quick, Safe and Easy.

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