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Practice Areas

The Law Office of Ramon McGee, Esq. is a full-service, general practice legal office.   Mr. McGee has extensive litigation experience in the following practice areas:
 Employment Law


 --- Wrongful termination


 --- Workplace discrimination


 --- Contract negotiation and        enforcement



 Family Law

 --- Divorce


 --- Custody and Visitation


 --- Termination and                Restoration of

      Parental Rights


 --- Dependency, Neglect &        Abuse


 Criminal Law


--- Capital Crimes


 --- Federa & State Narcotics 

     Trafficking and                     Possession


 --- Violent Offenses


 --- DUI & Traffic Offenses   

Busines Practices
  --- Structure and Formation 
 --- Ethical considerations


Property Law

 --- Deeds of Conveyance


 --- Land Trusts


 --- Code Compliance

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